Captain Lolo Kahuna presiding over a strategic planning session of the AFDB Disney Resistance Squad.

Disney Resistance Squad
We are a small group of neighbors who live in the Orlando area in very close proximity to Disney World. We have recently discovered that paraterrestrials have been infiltrating the Disney Company for years. They have been scanning our minds then sending out their electromagnetic psychotronic mind control rays. We will not surrender to their subversion and mental enslavement without a fight! We stand united, knights in our armor of AF, an elite underground band of brothers and sisters.
We are the AFDB Disney Resistance Squad!
The Disney agents thought I was just another mindless hypno-puppet. They severely underestimated my super human powers of resistance.

Sadly, it is too late for Gabe. The powerful forces of Disney’s psychotronic conformity signals have infiltrated his mind and he now refers to himself as Mickee’.
My radar-enhanced AFDB enables my dog and me to detect CRAP (Cranial Readings by Agent Paraterrestrials).
Note the Disney subliminal mind control slogan, “No Worries.” That’s exactly what they want us to believe, just like the hypno-zombies in the Matrix. In fact, we have irrefutable proof that Disney Imagineers designed and implemented the Matrix.
Gabe attempting to surrender to the forces of The Mouse as we try to relocate him to a psychotronically secure location. We continue to carefully monitor him and administer daily doses of fermented blue agave juice with lime extract and sodium chloride.
(Disney Resistance United Neighborhood Knights Squad)
My AFDB makes me feel happy.
I’m very satisfied with the signal-blocking results of my new AFDB however, I’m still picking up Captain and Tennille’s Muskrat Love once an hour.
With my AFDB rabbit ears, the only signals I’m picking up are UHF TV signals. I’m enjoying a classic episode of Bugs Bunny right now.
My AFDB makes me look like Tom Cruise.
My AFDB gets me free ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins.
My AFDB makes me feel pretty.
I purchased my AFDB from the Jiff E. Pop Winter Collection.
Fortunately, my AFDB has given me cat-like abilities. I now have increased hearing and a heightened sense of smell as well as the ability to see in the dark. Unfortunately, I also yak up hairballs.

I found this perfectly good AFDB in the dumpster behind the school cafeteria.
Bowing to the burden of fashion oppression, Alex chose to convert her AFDB into a stylish fashion statement.
My AFDB is in-season all year long, no matter the holiday!

Protect your family! An AFD flag displayed on your home’s mailbox indicates to all paraterrestrial agents that the occupants of your home are protected by high-quality, custom-made AFDBs.